Thank you for booking your newborn photo sessions with us.  We will work very hard to make sure that your experience is extremely enjoyable as we go about creating a truly life-long memory for your family.  We have found that the key to achieving the best results is the planning and preparation.


  • Newborns have their own schedule and therefore we want to plan accordingly. In terms of scheduling the session, the ideal time is from 5 to 14 days old while they are still most comfortable curled up and sleeping is their favorite activity.  The sounder they sleep, the better the poses.

  • We generally plan for 3-4 hours of studio time for a newborn photo session, and whenever possible, sessions are in the morning while adjusting to your baby’s specific feeding and sleeping schedule.

  • Plan to arrive about 15 minutes before their expected feeding/session time. We have a separate room (for privacy) and adjacent bathroom for any needs.  Once fed and back off to sleep we will be ready for your baby in the studio.

Preparing prior to the photo session

  • Try to keep your baby’s diaper as loose as possible, though obviously still functional.  This will help to avoid red marks on the baby’s side that will certainly show up in photos and require additional editing to remove.

  • Keep an eye on any rashes or redness, specially diaper rashes and around the buttocks. Applying the typical diaper rash ointments will help.  Again, just trying to avoid as much unwanted redness and marks as possible for the best overall pictures.

  • Monitor their sleep times and specifically when they seem to sleep best.  The goal is to have them soundly asleep and cuddled in the fetal position for as long as possible during photos. We can normally shift the session time as needed to line up with their sleep schedules.

On the day of the photo session

  • We suggest giving them a bath at their last feeding prior to coming to our studio.  That is, 2-3 hours prior to your session time as generally best to do it on the morning of the session and not the night before.  We want them to feel as good as possible and the better their skin, the better the photo results.

  • We would never tell our clients not to feed their baby when he or she is hungry.  However, we have found that the best results happen when your baby is fed here at the studio right before getting started with photos.  If they eat before coming then fall asleep in the car, they will typically be awake for their photos and we really want them to be soundly asleep.  Let us know if you notice that your baby typically doesn’t go to sleep after feeding.

  • Try to keep them awake for at least 1-2 hours before the session including the car ride to the studio.  Again, it’s best they arrive at the studio awake and hungry, are fed here and then off to sleep, hopefully for a couple of hours.

  • When coming to the photo session, do not put them in onesies or other heavy clothing.  Wrap them in swaddling cloth or something lose then whatever blankets and/or loose outerwear based on the season. Definitely avoid any clothing that must be pulled over their head to take off.  Bottom line, you do not want to feed them and fall off to sleep, only to be awaken while changing clothes for photos.

What to bring

  • Bring your normal baby bag with pacifier, diapers, wipes, baby powder, extra bottles, etc…

  • It’s very normal that we will need to break for a feeding during the session.  Please bring at least a couple extra bottles as we definitely want to be prepared.

  • Any outfits or blankets that you would like to use for the photos.  We have many cheesecloth wraps, hats, headbands and even complete outfits, but always welcome your outfits as well. Bottom line on what to bring is that it’s always better to bring it and not use it than to not bring it and wish you would have.

During the photo session

  • In order to help your baby to sleep, we will have the studio room temperature around 80-85 degrees while running a humidifier to help avoid dry skin.  We suggest that parents come dressed in layers and/or comfortable clothing appropriate for the very warm environment.  We also recommend that parents bring both short and long sleeve all black shirts if planning traditional pictures with parents and baby.

  • Parents are always welcome to be in the studio while we are photographing.  We understand your concerns as a new parent.  We also recognize that parents with a newborn are typically pretty exhausted so if you prefer to relax in the other room, you are welcome to enjoy snacks, drinks, watch a movie, read a book or just otherwise take it easy.  We find that many parents will start off in the studio but then decide to relax in the other room once they are comfortable with what we are doing.  It’s entirely your choice.