High School Senior Ambassador Program

Thank you for your interest in working together for your high school senior portraits.  We know that it’s a special time in your life and we will work very hard to create a memory that you and your family will forever cherish.  Our senior model portrait ambassador program is designed to be a simple way for selected students to earn a discounted portrait session, print credits and even direct monetary compensation.  After your own fun and creative portrait session, you can then become an senior ambassador for KPIX Photography by reaching out to friends and classmates looking for a similar experience of their own.  Whenever you refer someone and they book a paid session, you will receive compensation for the referral. It’s that simple!

Who is eligible and when can I start?

  • The ambassador program is open to high school juniors and seniors at selected high schools in Cincinnati and surrounding areas. We are currently adding new reps and the best time to get started is in the spring of your junior year, but you can start at almost anytime.
  • Acceptance into the program is not guaranteed. We believe this will be a great opportunity for you, but want to first make sure it’s a good fit for everyone. We will schedule a meeting to discuss all of the details and decide how best to proceed.

I go to a very large school, will I be one of many reps?

  • In order to give you a fair opportunity for earning referrals, the number of ambassadors per school will be limited to a small number. In general the number of reps is determined by the total number of students and number of referrals being generated.
  • Since the number of ambassadors is limited, we strongly recommend that interested students contact us immediately to be considered for a spot in the program.

I am not a super model, can I still be an ambassador?

  • Absolutely, the most important aspects of being a successful ambassador is an energetic and outgoing personality and willingness to share your beautiful photos with classmates.

I am really busy, how much time will I need to spend on the program?

  • The program will not become a big time commitment. Just keep the marketing cards with you and share with friends and classmates, answer any initial questions, and convey your excitement about your photos and experience working with us.

• We do ask that you participate throughout the entire school year, but the start of the school year and early spring may require a little extra time, but still very manageable.
How do I get started?
• Contact us by email at or call us at 513.675.1967 and let us know that you are interested in becoming a senior model ambassador.
• We will then schedule an interview to review all the details and make sure that the program is a good fit.
• You must complete your own photo session prior to starting as an ambassador. This will give you an opportunity to have fun, understand what to expect, and build your photo portfolio for sharing with friends and classmates.
What resources are available?
• KPIX Photography will provide you with senior marketing cards that can be easily distributed. No worries, we will make sure you have everything that you need.
• Senior ambassadors will be setup with an individual portrait gallery on our website. This will give you an opportunity to easily view and promote your own session in addition to our general senior portrait photo gallery.
• We are also planning an online video, a photo slideshow set to music, that will showcase our favorite senior photos and help with turning leads into sessions.
• We are always looking for your feedback and will work to accommodate any needs that would help you to be successful.
So what’s in it for me?
• As a senior model ambassador, you will immediately earn a discounted portrait session on location. This is for the session time only, but prints, albums, and announcements can be ordered afterward as with any client session.
• For each of the first four referrals, that lead to paid bookings, you will earn a $25 product credit for any image(s) from your session. After the first four referrals, each additional referral resulting in a paid booking, will earn you either a $25 print credit or cash compensation, your choice.
• Bonus Opportunities - The ambassador with the highest number of referrals leading to a booking will earn an additional $100 bonus. This bonus period runs from June 1 through May 31 and reps must have earned a minimum of 8 referrals to be eligible.
• There is no limit to the number of referrals or compensation that you can earn. Your earning potential is based only on your motivation and ability to turn over good leads. Of course, we will do everything possible to turn your leads into a paid booking, but there are no guarantees. Only paid bookings will earn compensation or bonus opportunities.
If I refer a classmate and they book their session, what do they get?
• Anyone who books a session through a direct ambassador referral will be rewarded with a free set of 8 wallets or an 8x10” print, valued at $25.
Is the program only for senior portrait referrals?
• While this program is certainly focused on generating referrals for high school senior portrait sessions, other referrals that lead to paid bookings including newborns, families, studio sessions and sports will also earn credits and/or compensation. See our website at for other opportunities.
Is the program exclusive?
• Yes, senior ambassadors must agree to promote only KPIX Photography. We will have time in getting you setup, provided a discounted session, and the expense of marketing materials. As a representative of KPIX Photography, we require that you not endorse any other photography service and represent KPIX Photography in a professional manner.
Model Release
• As with any client session, you will need to sign a model release allowing us to use your images and likeness for marketing purposes including senior cards, flyers, website images, photo contests and any other promotional materials.